From Nature

Food safe. Safe for Humans, Animals & Plants

OSMO is made from Enviromentally Friendly and Sustainable Resources

Our coatings are based on vegetable oils and waxes, i.e. renewable raw materials: sunflower, linseed, soya and safflower oil as well as waxes. The elaborately cleaned pigments are approved for use in the food sector. With coatings from OSMO, your customers choose natural and environmentally friendly protection for the valuable raw material wood.

See the Beauty of the Timber

OSMO Oil provides excellent colour development and reveals the beauty of the timber grain. A natural finish that reveals the inner beauty. Why obscure with plastic when you can experience the timber with OSMO.

Naturally a better choice.


Helpful staff. Full range of Osmo coatings

Clintoo me

Friendly and efficient. Lots of choice and backed up with knowledge. Really happy with this company and would buy again

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Great service and very helpful...
Excellent place to purchase products to protect your timber floor..

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Always enjoy top personalised service and great advice, products are worth every extra cent.

Brenda Grace


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